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Mr. Ocean

Winter White Knits

We all have comfort zone pieces and this right is my newest. I connected with my friends at H&M to get my hands on a few of the brand new pieces from the Jarvis Landry collection. The colour palette of the collection is the closest thing to perfect with vanilla whites, deep navy blues, toasted caramels and cozy greys.

I went out of my way to get a white knitted crewneck and its been the easiest piece to style. Yesterday I paired it with Nike running trousers and a knitted beanie for a casual meeting, a few nights ago I layered it under a suit jacket and I kept it simple in the look below with a faded black jean and sneaker.

Also photographed is a wool-blend double-breasted peacoat with faux fur collar from the Jarvis Landry collection.


Sweater: HERE

Jacket: HERE

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