7 Fucking Fantastic Fragrances

Nothing clever here. 20 years into shaping my personal style, I have compiled a short list of the 7 most remarkable fragrances I’ve worn through the years. Remarkable was not a lazy adjective. A scent ought to be subtle but is there really anything more flattering than being told you smell incredible? Shop away and feel free to share thoughts or suggestions in the comments.

Nautica Voyage

I can’t actually believe I’m sharing this secret elixir. Usually under $20 a bottle and just about the freshest scents for summer. With notes of apple, green leaves and lotus.

Eternity Now by Calvin Klein

One of the most versatile scents on my list. Any season, subtle and handsome. Sweet, vanilla, coconut-y goodness.

Gentlemen Only by Givenchy

The scent of my mid twenties. Anything Givenchy has class and Gentlemen Only fits the bill with this woody, smoky aroma.

CK2 by Calvin Klein

The sweetest of the bunch. There’s something unforgettable about this fragrance. Floral and fresh is always a good bet.

L’homme by Yves Saint Laurent

A bottle of sophistication and style. This scent ignites memories of dressed in all black with suede boots partying the night away downtown with my homies. A warm, citrusy blend that can be your one and only for years.

Artisan Pure by John Varvatos

I stumbled upon this fragrance a summer ago doing a project with JV and god damn. A citrusy, woody bottle of summertime. Reminds me of sweaty, sandy skin by the water.

Code by Armani

The warmest of the bunch. This has a deep, velvety scent that is a mixture of style and sex appeal. It’s hot, end of story.