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Without sounding like a basic bitch, the kid loves his coffee. I don’t need it on hot summer afternoons, long drives or after dessert but one or two hot cups every morning are required before I even consider showering up for the day. Now let me showing you what I’m packing…

The Philips LatteGo 3200. Transparently, I worked alongside the brand a few times over the years and it’s how I came to owning it. The reason why this has been just about the easiest sponsored partnership I’ve ever done is because it’s just a workhorse of machine that I actually feel lucky to own. Here’s a little of the need-to-know from my perspective plus I’ve put in a direct link at the end for information that is a little more robust for you shoppers like me who want to study a product before swiping the card.

Makes: Coffee, espresso, americano, cappuccino & latte

Functions like this: Coffee beans are loaded in a reservoir on top. Dummy proof meaning just pour them in and close the lid. Water reservoir is on side and slides in and out seamlessly and fills easily under the tap. A filter is built in that I replace every year or so. Once you turn it on, the machine flushes itself by running a small bit of hot water through the spout. Select your drink, beans will grind and out it comes.

Cleaning: A breeze. The tray pulls out similar to the water jug where excess coffee and an accumulation of the water flushing combines. All the ground coffee piles up in a separate little plastic box that comes out for dumping and cleaning. The machine notifies you with a simple red light and by disabling the machine from making more.

Pros: Coffee is frothy and tastes premium, clean up simple, looks stylish and luxurious, has mug platform on top to store a couple, milk frother for caps and lattes is quick and effective.

Cons: The only thing I would change is making stainless steel platform you put your mug on a plastic matte black. The clean freak in me sees the dried water marks and micro scratches.

Fuck-up-ness: Very rare and temporary. Every 3 months or so I experience a morning where the flushing period hum doesn’t stop as if the switch is caught. I’ve learned that an unplug, walk away and 10 minute wait does the trick. Beyond that, have had no issues. I’ve been really impressed just how well this held up.

Extra notes: This winter I started to do egg nog lattes and they were bomb. I’m starting to also experiment with vanilla flavouring and cashew milk for when I treat myself beyond my normal black coffee.

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