New Haul & Fit: 345 AM

There’s not a whole lot better than getting your hands on a trusty leather biker that you know can be a soldier in every season. I get a lot of notes on social asking where I get mine and if I had a nickel for the times someone says “I really want one but I’m not sure if I can pull it off”. You can, and you will.

Adding a biker jacket to your rotation really comes down to two simple components: the fit and the material. Whether you’re going vegan or genuine, a thick, matte material is crucial. No thin, shiny junk needed. It’s going to look cheap and try-hard. Now in my opinion, a biker is always meant to size down. It ought to be snug and not hanging off you like you borrowed your cool older brother’s. This is a classic men’s piece that doubles as a statement piece so don’t overdo your looks with it. Jeans and a rocker tee, joggers and a jumper sweater, black jeans with a shirt and tie.

Some finer details to consider when investing is the hardware and the lining. This one from 345 AM really nails it with chunky, heavy-duty zippers and the lining is about the best I’ve seen with a cozy grey textured material making this just warm enough to wear with a t-shirt in all of autumn and some winter scenarios. I pieced together this easy look with a basic black jean and thick cream toned tee, both from the 345 AM collection as well.

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