Movie Night: My 5 Must Watchers

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Let’s get the disclaimer out of the way, I’m not a heavy-duty movie buff of any kind and don’t consider myself an experienced critic either. Like anybody, I watch my fair share of flicks but I’m usually left bored and eventually disappointed making me either one with impeccably good taste or just a grump. Movies, like music, are entirely subjective so there’s no right answer to what you just enjoyed taking in. Why do I roll me eyes at some Oscar winners but live for National Treasure movies with Nic Cage? Who fucking cares. Here are my top 5 favourite watches of all time plus a bonus list of my faves I’ve taken in through the 2020 lockdown. .

Catch Me If You Can

Top of the top of the list. Just about everything Leo stars in is a fave but this is his best for me. Based on a true story, the movie journals a charismatic and brilliant kid who perfects some unique skills to achieve “the life”. It’s fun and clever but pulls on some emotional strings spotlighting a young man’s drive to beat poverty and being a nobody. Tom Hanks and Christopher Walken round out the cast. It’s a must watch.


Every movie list needs a mind-bending thriller and this is it. Anthony Hopkins is a fucking king and I believe this is Gosling’s best showing. Playing a slick prosecutor, he faces off with a genius, sinister killer (Hopkins) and the battle is on. With great writing and an epic twist, a cool watch with a partner to talk it through as you go.

In Bruges

This movie is bloody charming. Colin Farrell, Ralph Fiennes and Brendan Gleeson deliver two hours of effortless wit and there’s just enough action to quench your thirst for it.

The Mission

A powerful story of a group of Jesuits protecting a South American tribe while spreading the word of God. Released in 1986 with Deniro and Jeremy Irons at the forefront, the cinematography is beautiful and the soundtrack is mesmerizing. Enough that I’ve been listening to it regularly for over 15 years.

Man On Fire

Here’s a little action for you that’s not mouth-breather material. Denzel kills this one and not the over-acting version of him in Training Day. Playing a private bodyguard with little to live for, a surprising friendship brings him back to life. It’s impressively shot with ambient colours and dark shadows and it’s got more Christopher Walken which always a win.

HONOURABLE MENTIONS: Legends of the Fall, Gladiator, Waking Ned Devine, Gangs of New York, Donnie Brasco, The Departed, Signs, The Revenant, Dances With Wolves


  5. 1917