Wishlist: My Top 5 Vehicles I’m Drooling Over RN


I’ve been watching the progress of this vehicle for a year and my god, it’s just beautiful. Subtle but just bold enough and most importantly, different. With a giant crest grill, a minimal interior that doesn’t feel vacant like Tesla and room for 3 rows of seating. I need power so the 3.5L would be my choice of trim. This vehicle may have the slickest interior I’ve ever seen outside of the S-Class from Mercedes Benz. Can’t fucking wait to see more of the GV70.


There’s nothing quite like a Mercedes and this model is a standout for me. With a rear similar to the C300 coupe, the GLC coupe is power and sophistication with the functionality of an SUV. A silhouette that’s beautiful enough for the base engine in the GLC Coupe but I think it also deserves a little AMG to become a perfect sized beast. This fall I’ll be car shopping and the GLC 43 & GV80 will be a tight race. One thing I’ve started to prioritize which MB does so well is ambient lighting for a dynamic, soothing night drive in the cabin.


Yes, BMW has a new grill and it’s controversial. You know how I decided I liked it? Because I couldn’t keep my eyes off the damn car when it appeared around a corner here in Montreal. It’s a head turner with it’s gorgeous sloped rear, frameless doors and long hood. Turbo-charged V6, all-wheel-drive and nearly 400 horse. Anything with an M badge is fun which I known from experience and the super tight sensation of this new ride screams sporty BMW.


Another sexy beast from the Korean brand Genesis. The smallest sedan below the G80 and G90 (both stunning), the G70 is often called the nearly perfect car. Style, safety, smooth drive with smart tech and functionality. I love every inch of this car and it’s always a head turner when I spot it on the road. The most affordable car on the list with several different trims but as always, I vote for the engine boost up to the 3.3L V6.


Kia? Yep. I feel like this is still a secret that Kia has a bargain performance sedan equipped with quilted leather seating, quad exhaust tips and upwards of 370hp. A sharp infotainment system, great safety features and a relatively modest price tag makes the Stinger an option when comparing to the German luxury group. Worth a look if you’re shopping.