Read This: Three Novel Recs

Looking to shut off a few screens? Like many, I’m on and off with my reading habits but I did make the effort in January to reinvigorate my brain with good stories. Sometimes I wish I could forget my favourite books and re-read them from scratch but until the Men In Black pen is buyable on Amazon, here are a few of my faves for you to enjoy.

The Shadow of the Wind

No other way to characterize other than my favourite. I enjoyed this book infinitely (and it’s prequels and sequels). Forgotten books, mysterious libraries, spooky writers and an endless amount of charming and eloquent banter. I urge you, read this book.

American Gods

Gaiman is the master in this category. While I didn’t care for the newly release series, the novel was one of my favourites as a 20-something. Science fiction beyond lasers and space ships. Give it a shot and you may get hooked on the author.

Angela’s Ashes

This is a tough read at times but an inspiring one. Also one of the few movie adaptations that did the book justice. A memoir by an impoverished child Frank McCourt, this story is miserable, funny and puts life in perspective.