Spotlight: The Karnox Gladiator Pro Gaming Chair

Meet my new babe, the Karnox Gladiator.

Step 1 of my eventual home office design, a starting point for a masculine, tech-inspired war room for all of my creative work. I was in desperate need to get the hell off my sofa and the steel chairs of my kitchen bistro table just weren’t cutting it.

I knew I wanted to build my home office around a killer chair so I scoured online for a little over two weeks. Short back, tall, wheels, no wheels, mesh, leather…and on and on. Took about 3 or 4 to land on the idea of a gaming chair so my research pivoted but didn’t become much simpler. On Amazon alone, there are THOUSANDS of options. Brands, colours, levels of quality and functionality. I kept reminding myself that I had three priorities:

  1. Comfort and adjustability
  2. Subtle style (no funky colours like a lot of gaming chairs)
  3. Premium materials. I didn’t want this thing fading, the seat wrinkling or the base creaking and becoming a pain.

Straight to the point, I found Karnox. The collection consists of about a half dozen designs with a few variations. What they had in common was a ton of adjustability and quality you could see in every picture. I couldn’t resist the Gladiator Pro SR with the black on black tone, quilted seating and carbon fibre like trim. Arrival after purchase was about three days and I was rattled the assembly would be a nightmare from reviews of other brands but I promise you, this was incredibly straightforward. The instructions were spot on and I think the build took 10 minutes.

A few of my favourites features are:

  • The soft rollerblade style wheels making it safe for your floors and incredibly quiet to move about
  • Adjustable armrests that go up, down and tilt side to side for the perfect customized seating position.
  • Add-on lumbar and headrest pillows for long work days

Here are some extra feature points directly from the website below. I am absolutely thrilled with this chair, its a true ‘get what you pay for” experience that will pay off everyday for a long while.

The Karnox Gladiator SR comes with the Pro Spec included. Featuring roller-blade smooth glide wheels, cast alloy base, 4D chunky armrests, enhanced gas lift assist and complete height, tilt and spin controlled base. A seat for the person serious about comfort.

  • Size: For the large built user. Recommended up to 6’6”.
  • Comfort: Built in as standard is our dense cold-formed inner foam cushioning, side hugging cushion restraints. This chair has a high back, ergonomically designed to embrace the larger user.
  • High quality material: Vegan friendly PU leather for easy upkeep and durability, strong steel frame for construction.
  • Pro-Spec included: Upgraded tilt mechanism allows you to recline back between 90 – 155 degrees with locking capabilities.
  • Fully adjustable 4D armrests: Left, right, up, down, forward, backward, angle left, angle right. The upper armrest is topped with soft touch PU, with carbon-fibre imprint patterning.
  • Base: Slimline, strong, lightweight solid cast aluminium alloy with colour matched inset panels.
  • Wheels: make friction a matter of the past with our Pro-Spec solid rubber roller-blade smooth-glide wheels. These are kind to hard surface floors.

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