Suiting: Custom at a killer price

The only thing better than summer suit season is fall suit season. Thick wools, herringbone textures, three pieces or double-breasted. I joined forces with my friends at Indochino to piece together two dream suits and naturally started looking in the grey colour section. My plan from the jump was to pick two suits with trousers I could wear by themselves on the regular paired with more casual tops like knitted sweaters or even plain tees.

The Indochino experience for me is the best. I have a handful of suits from the collection and all were measured and selected in-store at their King St Toronto location. Its a slick, modern space and the service has always been noticeably genuine and impressive. Being Montreal stationed and without a local showroom, I turned to the online shopping experience to bring these two suits to life.

Like adding toppings on a pizza, the sky is limit here. From lapel size, to the number of vents, pocket angle, button colour, lining print and more. This is a completely custom suit you are building and I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t thrilling. I elected to do a charcoal grey checked suit with a Van Gogh Starry Night lining along with a light grey herringbone version with a badass white and black skull lining. Both are double-breasted.

Few weeks later, knock knock. Neatly packaged and perfectly crafted, I unboxed and took a few snaps to give you guys a sneak peek of my newest creations. The only thing left to do is style so stay close to see me bring them to life.

The Indochino price point is already incredibly fair in my opinion but right now it’s just a god-dang steal with the Black Friday deals. Fully custom suits from only $299. Yes, that’s less than off-the-rack at places like J Crew, Banana Republic and RW&Co.

Treat yourself, go soak in the experience.