Still shopping like me? Here is a no-nonsense list of some of my favourite items/things around my house that I use practically every day. This list is not sponsored. No biases, just straight goods.


One of my secret favourite brands. Handmade here in Canada, POI has some of the most earthy, handsome scents a man could ask for. In a world of big name fragrances, this line stands out for being subtle and unique. ‘Supernova” is downright incredible.


The comfiest sneaker on the planet. This is a gold standard of gifts. Boosts ain’t cheap but they’re elite. What I love about UB though is they can be washed in your at-home washer and last quite a while. Lots of shops out there but I’ve doing purchasing from Sole Stop as of late.


Good socks are vastly underrated and I’ve finally found the perfect pair. The truth is, a women’s or youth crew sock for me is the perfect length so that’s all I shop for now (I’m a size 9). I found these cushioned ones at an Adidas store in Kingston and now only buy this kind. Found a link online.


Sparkling teeth is always in. I’ve used Philips exclusively for years and have never been let down. Impressive tech, looks amazing on the counter & simply changes your brushing game. I gifted this to a friend one year and he said that and his Endy mattress totally changed his life.


There’s a lot of good skincare out there and I use several brands but THIS one particular bottle is filled with goodness. The scent is a woody, cedar-like one and I love the matte affect it gives my skin after cleansing. I will be using this for years to come.


A classic cap is one of the best accessories a man can have. It goes with almost any outfit, can cover up a bad hair day or not-so-fresh cut and if you pick the right team, can even be high fashion. Keep it simple and go Yankees or Dodgers if he doesn’t have a favourite squad.


I f*cking love the cut of H&M’s Edition capsule collections and this one is no different. Super thick, premium material, a relaxed fit with snug cuffs makes this the perfect sweater. If he can tell the difference between a good fit and not, this will be appreciated.

I can’t find a link online but look out for the collections in-store.


A different idea but an inexpensive one and a helpful one. We can all be glued to our devices and the easiest way to combat it is with a pair of blue light blocking glasses. I’ve owned many but these are by far my favourite as they’re crazy light and surprisingly sturdy at around $25.


My love for NOIZE is no secret and either is the fact that I often partner with them through advertisement on my channel. I am grateful of that relationship because the collection is cruelty free, Canadian, infinitely stylish and CRAZY affordable. It’s as simple as that. For 20% off, use code: DANIELOCEAN20


This idea is a little out-of-the-box but I love it. We all have gotten a fresh cash bill or a funny $35 cheque from a grandma but what better way to spread some love with a small chunk of cryptocurrency. Crypto is unpredictable but a small stash could go a long way down the road and could open up a whole new hobby for him. There are plenty of places to trade but my favourite is Coinsquare. It’s a friendly place that makes every step easy. What more do ya need?