Whether you’re sharing your personal style, your hobby, your business, side gig, family or a thousand pics of your dog in homemade outfits. Tone consistency is key when showcasing your photos and these presets will accomplish that. Feed goals are one download away.

Download and upload is efficient. Upon purchase, a downloadable ZIP file will be sent immediately to your email. A simple instruction PDF will be accompanied to walk you through the import into your Lightroom.


My everyday vibe. This preset looks great on virtually any photograph. Subtly softened skin tones, flat contrasts, calm and neutral highlights with muted colour dynamics.

Simply add or subtract exposure to find the perfect mood.


A subtle variation of Vanilla. With low saturation, flat shadows and sharp details. Perfect for product and around the home. A great preset for the minimalist.

Like Vanilla, easily adjusted just with exposure modifications.


The perfect vacay aesthetic. Warm colours, glowing skin tones and deep, shadowy greens and blues. My go-to preset for all of my paradise adventures.

HSL colour tones can be easily adjusted to create different or more dynamic sky, water, sand and tree tones.


NYC fashion meets classic. Like Vanilla, an aesthetic that looks amazing on every image. A reliable B&W preset is also a handy solution to imperfect original images taken with off-balanced colours or poor lighting.

Just adjust contrast, highlights & blacks to create a bolder or flatter image.